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Tune in the new Autumn-Winter 2020 season with coats, plaid and XXL accessories

Between lockdown and the long days of summer, there haven’t been many fashion trends of late. But with the approach of fall, it’s high time to reorganize the wardrobe and grab the upcoming season’s most desirable items. From coats to accessories in color and print, here are the must-haves for Autumn-Winter 2020.

Sportswear, which set the tone for the trends of recent seasons, is on its way out. Coats are coming back to long, straight, classic shapes for this winter. They envelope the wearer from neck to toe in extreme elegance. While some appreciate these coats in their most classic version — solid fall colors in wool — others will lean towards more daring versions with emphasized collars, sleeves and prints. There are also versions that play with asymmetry, but always in a certain length or belted to accentuate the waist.

Make room for checked print


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Checked print will be the star of the Fall-Winter season. Expect it in varying forms to suit the greatest number: there’s a mini version for the most classic among us, maxi for the bold, ultra bright for the fanciful, or totally destructured for the avant-garde. It’s up to you to choose between a few light touches or going full-on to set yourself apart and express your personality.

Fringe mania


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We usually see fringe at big open-air music festivals like Coachella. This winter, though, fringe is going to be everywhere. Jackets, skirts, dresses, pants, accessories: it will be difficult to sidestep fringe, to the delight of cowgirls-at-heart everywhere. Careful, though: fringe can easily be overdone. It’s best to use a light touch.

Red rules

After this summer’s focus on yellow and pink, get ready for red this fall for a cutting-edge wardrobe. The symbol of passion, the color will brighten your look no matter your style, whether you wear it head-to-toe, just a touch, or via accessories. Nearly all the brands put red on the runway for the Fall-Winter 2021 presentations, and we’re already seeing red work its way into shops. The season seems very much to be about boldness.

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