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Elie Jesmani is a dynamic and passionate designer who is excited to apply her unique creativity and energy to the fashion world. Born and raised in the provincial Iranian city of Yazd, not far from the Ancient Persian ruins of the mighty Persepolis, Elie was raised by parents who encouraged her to appreciate everything and everyone around her. While she began her adult life earning a master’s degree in Biology, the allure of an industry that reflects both culture and social attitudes appealed more to her creative mindset. Her open-minded nature has allowed Elie to lead an international lifestyle, with bases in both Canada and Iran.

The history and traditions of Iran, coupled with the optimism and natural beauty of Canada, bring inspiration to her designs. In her free time, Elie finds further inspiration from wandering, both literally in her environment and figuratively in the worlds of English and Persian literature. Elie was a senior advisor at a family owned construction company, where she did various work with different departments within the company, from advising the architecture team (interior design) to marketing and material/product purchasing.