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Milan Fashion Week: Donatella Versace presented marine life, bright colours and lots of body positivity – just what the doctor ordered for spring/summer 2021

Body-hugging tropical prints and a starfish motif plastered Versace’s upbeat spring/summer 2021 collection, unveiled at a closed-door catwalk show amid the crumbling columns of a fallen, submerged civilisation – a pretty apt metaphor for today’s global crisis

Milan Fashion Week continued in disjointed, discombobulated style for its third day on Friday (September 25), veering from the physical to the digital, with an uneasy eye fixed on the economic damage wrought by coronavirus.

Models for Donatella Versace’s latest collection walked through the ruins of a fallen, submerged civilisation – its own Medusa logo having fallen to the sea floor amid crumbling ionic columns. It’s a pretty apt metaphor for a global crisis that is expected to leave the world changed in very fundamental ways.

Instead of the brand’s signature Medusa logo, Versace chose the starfish as the motif of the season, a hopeful symbol of self-regeneration.

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